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Squash Buddies

I have been learning to play squash since 1981. I have collected many t-shirts as tournament souveniers, but few trophies. I play for the great exercise, exhiliration, challenge, and fun. If I don't come off the court drenched, I don't feel satisfied with my game. Squash has greatly enhanced my physical health and fitness, has strengthened my mental health, has reduced the influence of daily life stressors, and has taught me how to overcome adversity.

I have a few partners I play with on a regular basis, and I enter most local tournaments. Now that I am at the Masters level, I seem to be doing better at tourney play. I won my division (C, fifty plus) at the last tournament and I have entered others since such as the Vancouver Island Open Championships and the Newlands Masters Summit in Langley, B.C., but my winning streak seems to have peaked. In 1996 I was ranked No. 1109 in British Columbia by Squash BC, but as of April, 2002, I am ranked number 1028. As far as I can tell this means that there are only 1,027 players that can beat me in British Columbia. That's comforting to know. To find other rankings, tourney schedules, events, and member facilities, you can access Squash BC's web site.

The rules of squash are simple, but can be vigorously contested during a match. To review the rules go to Rules of the World Singles Game.

Cedar Hill Squash Club: A very clean club, good facilities, excellent food, and wonderful landscaping
I play most of my games at the Victoria Squash Club and the Cedar Hill Squash Club in Victoria. If you are considering joining a club in Victoria, I would recommend either the Cedar Hill Club run by member-driven Saanich Squash Association (250) 595-7121 or the Victoria Squash Club (250) 381-9511. Phil Green is the Squash Pro at Cedar Hill and he continually supports junior play as well as competitive friendly play for members. The courts are well-maintained with very clean facilities, plenty of opportunities for tourney, league, ladder, and friendly play with a comfortable lounge and helpful staff. Members at Cedar Hill determine most policies, so your input is valued.

The Victoria Squash Club (VSC) is closer to my home, so I play there more often since I typically cycle to get there. The VSC under the ownership of internationally well-known Squash Pro, Stuart Dixon, has undergone a complete transformation, making it a superb court playing experience with pastel colored courts, glass backs and clean and true wooden floors. League and social play take up much court time, but it is still possible to book courts ahead of time and even drop in to find a partner. Stuart is typically available for a technical consultation and if you know how, you can get him to host you for a beer from a certain country that ryhmes with New Zealand.

If you are interested in tips on better play, you won't find much here. When I was asked by my squash coach, if I noticed what strategy the other player was using who beat me in the last tourney final, my reply was: "Strategy?"

If you would like a game, however, I am typically ready to play at short-notice. I like daytime games, and I usually avoid playing in the evenings or on the weekends. So give me a call at (250) 595-3503 or e-mail me at rcarr@islandnet.com.

Here are some links provided by Squash BC. I do not continuously update the links, I just borrow them from the Squash BC website:

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