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Rey Carr
Spiritual Activist

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  • All life has purpose.
  • We are in heaven.
  • Fear cannot guide us.
  • Learning is everything.
  • Knowing is tough, asking is harder.
  • Without you I am nothing.
  • Growth in life is a paradox.
  • Standard Designated Services Credential (State of California)
  • General Pupil Personnel Services Credential (State of California)
  • License in Marriage, Child and Family Counseling
  • Licensed Instructor, Parent Effectiveness Training
  • Licensed Instructor, Youth Effectiveness Training
  • Level III Nationally Certified Peer Coach
  • Squash
  • Friends
  • Chocolate
  • Humour
  • Horses
  • Music
  • Television
  • Movies
  • Mexican Food
  • Cycling
  • PEER RESOURCES 1987 to present
    A national, private, registered, non-profit consulting corporation
    Title: President
    Accomplishments: Designed and published professional publications in peer helping, coaching and mentoring; organized and conducted training for trainers seminars, mentor program development seminars, and coach training workshops; provided lectures to corporate, community, and government groups; conducted research and program evaluations; advised and consulted in peer, coach and mentor program development; provide coaching to Peer Resources Network members; provided coaching to Peer Resources' corporate executive clients; acted as a mentor to staff; and prepared and monitored budgets. Designed and carried out Canada's National Stay-in-School Mentoring and Peer Helping Initiative.
    A non-profit World-Wide Web service
    Title: Webmeister
    Accomplishments: Designed and maintained website. Searched for links and updated site. Provided individual consultation on web pages to persons who wish to describe their holistic health practice or service on the World-Wide Web.
    Department of Psychological Foundations in Education
    Title: Professor in Counselling
    Accompllshments: Taught undergraduate course in human development, and created and taught courses in communication skills. Created and taught graduate courses in counselling (school counselling, peer counselling, consultation, and program evaulation); supervised M.A. and Ph.D. research, evaluation projects and practicums; conducted research studies; co-designed, taught in, and supervised Canada's first off-campus program for counselling practitioners. Conducted professional development training for teachers and counsellors. Acted as graduate advisor for potential and current graduate students. Served on university committees responsible for reviewing personnel decisions for career advancement and tenure. Presented research papers and talks at international, national, and provincial conferences. Established Canada-wide counsellor educaton faculty group.
  • CONSULTANT 1972 to present
    Independent Contractor
    Duties: Assist organizations and agencies to assess programs and progress, plan and implement learning events; conduct workshops on topics such as substance abuse prevention, peer helping, social skills training, goal attainment scaling, DACUM and consultation.
    Mt. Diablo Unified School District (Mt. Diablo, California)
    Duties: Provide school psychological consultation to five schools
    Reed Union School District (Tiburon, California)
    Duties: Provide school psychological consultation to eight elementary schools
    * University and State College Instructor
    * Research and Technical Assistant, Clinical Intern
    * Delivery Agent
    * Dishwasher, Busboy, Hasher
    * Motion Picture Extra (Look for me in Spartacus and Elmer Gantry)
    * Disneyland Theme Park Guest Assistant (Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, Main Street Shooting Gallery)
    * Bartender, short-order cook
    * Newspaper delivery


* International Mentoring Association
* Worldwide Association of Business Coaches
* International Association of Coaches
* National Association of Peer Program Professionals
* Peer Resources Network


* Vancouver Island Professional Coaches Association (2001-2007)
* Canadian Counselling Association (1978-1992)
* American Counselling Association (1972-1991)
* American School Counselor Association (1981-1991)
* Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (1978-1992)
* International Coach Federation (1996-2007)
* Counseling Association for Humanistic Education and Development (1981-1992)
* Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (1975-2005)
* Employee Assistance Professionals Association (1986-1994)
* Canadian Employee Assistance Program Association (1984-2004)
* British Columbia School Counsellors' Association (1979-1998)
* Western Associaton for Counselor Education and Supervision (1980-1994)

* Outstanding Counselling Resource National Award, 1985 - Canadian Counselling Association

* Outstanding Professional Achievement National Award, 1987 - Canadian Counselling Association

* Leadership in International Collaboration Appreciation, 1999 - Association for Counselor Education and Supervision

* Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition
* Victoria Jazz Society
* Between 1972-1992 applied for and received a total of $1,100,000 in research grants and contracts as a faculty member at the University of Victoria.

* Between 1993-2000 applied for and received a total of $850,000 in contribution contracts for Peer Resources.

* Editor-in-Chief, The Peer Bulletin 1996-present
* Editor, The Coaching News 1996-present
* Editor, The Mentor News 1996-present
* Editor, The Peer News 1996-present
* Senior Editor, Compass: A Magazine for Peer Assistance, Mentorship, and Coaching 1999-2006
* Editor-in-Chief, Canadian Journal of Counselling/Revue Canadienne de Counseling, 1986-92
* Editor, Peer Counsellor Journal, 1983-1999
* Editor, Oddysey: The National Mentor Training Newsletter, 1994-1999
* Editorial Board, Guidance and Counselling, 1991-1993
* Director, Peer Counselling Project, 1979-1992
* Member, Board of Directors, several local, provincial and national organizations
* TV Show Host, CHEK-TV 1985-1986
* TV Show Host, Cablevision, 1978-1979
* External Referee for Canadian university graduate programs
* One hundred and twenty-six conference papers/keynote addresses presented, 1972-2005
* Consultations for federal and provincial governments
* Consultations for community organizations and agencies
* Traffic Controller Certification
* CPR Level II Certification
* Two-hundred and seventy articles in corporate-sponsored publications

* Sixty-four web-based articles

* Twenty-nine articles in national, refereed journals

* Fifty-four articles in national and provincial publications

* Seven professional reports

* Sixteen invited book or curriculum reviews

* Three co-authored books

Complete list of print publications available here.

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