My Current Top Ten

While I grew up listening to the Metropolitan Opera each Saturday afternoon, and one of my brothers was (and still is) a great officianado of Wagner, for some reason my early interest in rock n roll evolved into a passion for jazz. Over the last few years, I have become immersed in what is sometimes called New Age music. I like the reflective, peaceful, and rhythmical qualities and in most cases the high quality musicianship and recording. I also like some of the artists that combine rhythms from around the world. Here is a list of my 12 current favorites. You won't find many "new" CD's here, but many of the artists have more recent work available.

James Asher. Raising the Rhythms. 1999.
Sizzling sounds of the Caribbean, Latin America, India, Africa, and the Middle East woven together with rich percussion. A great introduction to New Age and World Beat music. Order this disc from

Shahin & Sapir World Cafe Higher Octave, 1998.
Two musicians influenced by both Latin and Mediterranean music with excellent results. Order this disc from

La Esperanza La Esperanza Higher Octave, 1998.
Two musicians that bring together Spanish flamenco guitar with contemporary rhythms and dance percussion. Order this disc from

Ry Cooder Buena Vista Social Club World Circuit Nonesuch, 1997.
A fantastic group of Cuban musicians assembled by Ry Cooder. Order this disc from

Jesse Cook. The Tempest. Narada, 1995
Rumba flamenco guitar blended with music from the global village. Jesse Cook is Canadian. The other players are Mario Melo, Blake Manning, and Andrew Morales. Order this disc from

Patrick O'Hearn. Eldorado. Private Music, 1989.
A great mixture of voice, percussion, strings, guitar, reeds and its digitally mastered. Order this disc from

Tim Timmermans. Poems of the Five Mountains. Higher Octave Music, 1988
With Skipper Wise, these two L.A. musicians blend Eastern and Western music using acoustic instruments, flute, and synthesizers. Order this disc from

Miles Davis. Kind of Blue. CBS Music, 1959.
Originally recorded in New York in 1959, this digitally re-mastered classic features, Miles, Julian Adderly, John Coltrane, Wyn Kelly, Bill Evans, Paul Chambers, and James Cobb. I heard Miles play these tunes at the Blackhawk in San Francisco in 1960, and I never get tired of them. Order this disc from

Brad Prevedoros. Firedance. Ancient Echoes Music. 1994.
Brad plays beautiful nylon string guitar and is accompanied with passion by Paul Wilkinson-Teel, Ray Rothschild, Patrick Smith, and Greg Joy. Another great Canadian recording. Order this disc from

Rebbe Soul. Fringe of Blue. Global Pacific Records, 1995.
An incredile mixture of beautiful Middle Eastern themes and mystical reflections played by top L.A. rhythm musicians, Bruce Burger, David Scott Cohen, Cassio Duarte, Richard Hardy, and others. The artists can be contacted through their recording company Global Pacific and they have their own home page. Order this disc from

Michael Gettel. The Key. Narada, 1994.
The compositions from this twelve piece group, led by Michael Gettel on piano, are some of the best New Age cominations of jazz, classical, and contemporary music. Order this disc from

b-tribe. Fiesta Fatal. eastwest records, 1994.
A great mix from Barcelona; danceable, melodic, moving, and energetic. Order this disc from

Lynne Arriale. The Eyes Have It. Digital Music Products, 1994.
A debut CD for the winner of the 1993 American Jazz Piano competition. Wonderful trio and piano solos highlight this alluring mixture of standards and new tunes. Order this disc from

David Lanz. Skyline Firedance. Narada, 1990.
A double CD with one CD containing piano solos and the other CD containing the same pieces with orchestra. A very reflective and enthralling CD. Order this disc from

Oscar Peterson. Last Call at the Blue Note. Telarc, 1992.
I love the rhythms and stylish playing in this album. Plus the trio really takes off and rocks the house. Order this disc from

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