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Please share your experience of cyberspace by sending it by email to Rey Carr.

We use to have a section here you could leave your comment without sending it to Rey. However, junk or fake email senders flooded our comment section with inappropriate and offensive offers, so we have switched to this send a comment to us first and we will post it method. We will post your comment here and others will be able to read what you provide. How much information you want to provide about yourself is up to you.

Friday, April 27 at 10:12 PM:
Penny Mills from Victoria, BC wrote:
" - I loved reading the brief overview of your site - the little there was time for - will visit again when time permits. Must go to bed early as I must get up early for my first day of work at the new job - bicycle tour guiding!"

Monday, April 23 at 06:57 AM:
Christine Mackay, NAN Peer Program Coordinator from Thunder Bay, Canada - wrote:
"I just want to commend Rey on a wonderful site, very helpful and informative. Thanks to Peer Resources Canada, Nishnawbe Aski Nation was able to start Peer Helping in it's communties. Thanks so much to Rey for the help and the great tools to get our program under way!"

Saturday, April 21 at 09:20 PM:
Renee Cullen from Sydney Australia wrote:
"looking for tools to assist a first year uni student adapt to uni life."

Friday, March 16 at 04:44 AM:
Vicky from England,U.K wrote:
"Hi, i am just starting out mentoring, i am 18 years old and i am mentoring 13 and 14 year olds. i was wondering, if possible u could give me any suggestions on how to start off. Any tips will be greatly appreciated. Questions and games would be quite helpful"

Friday, December 29 at 06:32 PM:
Iulian ( from ROMANIA (i guess you don't know where romania is nor the planet i came from) wrote:
"Mr. Carr. I can't stay much on internet so i read only about you, your family and friends (not your professional activity), your happy life and while reading i was thinking that you had a full life as not many people can have and more than that it seems to me that you've accomplished all the things i wanted to do. I wanna thank you for living your life for me, too. i'm already 22 years old and i think i can't do anything here, in my country, or starting from the bottom. Could you give me at least a computer to read about others happy life, see their pictures and forgot that i live in a stupid country?"

Monday, December 11 at 02:24 PM:
Chip Handley from Tampa (in the re-counting state) wrote:
"Mr. Carr, I read the story you sent to "Bits & Pieces" about Walt Disney. When I got to the end of the story, I pondered two things Mr. Disney could have meant. Was he saying it was it was imagined or that he wanted the workers to imagine the finished product? Thanks sharing your experience with Mr. Gilbert. It's the best one in the issue!"

Saturday, December 02 at 01:42 PM:
Kim Flowers (or silly) from wrote:
"You have a REALLY KEWL page!!!8-)"

Wednesday, November 29 at 12:55 PM:
Joyce Little Whiteman from Kyle South Dakota wrote:
"I am a Peer Mentor at our community college, and I'm trying to get more information on all the things I could do for my students."

Tuesday, November 21 at 02:48 AM:
carl from australia wrote:
"very good helped me alot"

Tuesday, November 07 at 08:31 AM:
Al Gore from Knoxville, TN (Our wonderful planet, Earth) wrote:
"Today is going to be an incredible day for me. I want to thank you for all the help you have provided to me. Mentoring, coaching and peer assistance are the key to the future our our country."

Thursday, July 06 at 01:20 PM:
Jengiz Gocer from Vancouver, BC wrote:
" - Congratulations for preparing a web page that warmed my heart."

Thursday, June 15 at 12:35 AM:
Larry Blanton from Bloomington Indiana USA wrote:

Thursday, April 27 at 11:57 AM:
cecilia lang from ms again wrote:
"this is great information for someone new to this like me. if anyone has any information they would be willing to share please email me because i am just starting out. now only will i benefit from it but the kids will as well."

Thursday, April 27 at 11:46 AM:
cecilia lang from i am a social worker at an alternative school in mississippi wrote:
"oh i forgot my email is "

Thursday, April 27 at 11:45 AM:
cecilia lang from picayune, ms united states but on certain days i feel like i am from mars wrote:
"i would love to find out how to get a copy of any of the resources rey has written. especially those concerning peer mediation and school couseling. anything free is better. they seem like they would enlighten me a great deal. thanks"

Tuesday, April 25 at 07:17 PM:
Stacy Mayer from NPB, FL wrote:
"e mail address for msg below!"

Tuesday, April 25 at 07:14 PM:
Stacy Mayer from North Palm Beach, Florida wrote:
"inspiring-we have a lot in common. I work for a non-profit alt. school. I'm looking for interactive peer counseling activities for a presentation I'm doing. I practice alternative, holistic med. I'm an LMT and I just bought a cannondale to cycle in the Alaska AIDS Vaccine Ride!! Yikes! any words of wisdom on any of the above (in your spare time!) would be very much appreciated."

Friday, April 07 at 10:35 PM:
Roberta Bondar from Canada wrote:
"I would love to display my photographs on your site. Let me know if that is possible."

Tuesday, March 07 at 07:08 PM:
Carol & Fred fellow ex-pats from the great Canadian prairies wrote:
"Quite a nice spread ! Too many pages under construction, though. Will visit again"

Saturday, March 04 at 02:04 PM:

Sunday, February 27 at 02:42 PM:
Nedra from Susanville, CA wrote:
"postscript to my previous comments. If any one out there knows anything about either Kentucky or Connecticut's new teacher programs I'd be happy to communicate. You too, Rey. I'm hoping to compare those two states with Calif.'s BTSA program. Thanks for your space. Looking forward to your gardening site!!!"

Sunday, February 27 at 02:37 PM:
Nedra Graves from Susanville, CA wrote:
" Just browsing. I'm working on my Masters w/emphasis on Mentoring New Teachers so am looking for any goodies out there that might be of help with my research. Now you have 2 in the ole guestbook!!!!"

Thursday, February 10 at 10:59 AM:
Keith Amiotte from Calgary Alta Canada wrote:
"Interested in the whole coaching,mentoring,leadership areas and I commend you."

Monday, January 31 at 06:36 PM:
Jan Townsend from Victoria wrote:
"Love "touring" your web pages - Peer Resources and your personal pages - most informative and sprinkled with light touches of humour! Thank you"

Monday, January 31 at 11:21 AM:
linda oprica from royston, bc, canada vancouver island wrote:
"this is a fabulous website with SO much info. It's been very helpful in my work & personal & professional development. Plan to join your workshop in Feb."

Friday, November 19 at 01:49 PM:
Erin Barrett from wrote:
"Forgot to leave e-mail:"

Friday, November 19 at 01:48 PM:
Erin Barrett from Anchorage, Alaska, USA, Earth wrote:
"I am developing a peer mentoring program at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Your site has been very informative. Do you know of any other links for mentor conferences? Thanks."

Tuesday, October 05 at 01:58 PM:
Darlene Kyte from ASU Box 6293 Wolfville, NS B0P1Z1 wrote:
"Hi,I am interested in as much mentor research as I can get my hands on. I am doing my masters's thesis on mentoring university students who are at risk academically. Please e-mail with any information regarding this topic. Thanks"

Saturday, July 17 at 04:48 PM:
Rob King from Modesto, California, USA wrote:
"Rey, V. kewl pages! Rob King"

Sunday, July 11 at 07:14 AM:
Annmarie from Australia wrote:
"I am interested in providing support to people who need it."

Wednesday, April 28 at 05:03 PM:
Ann Waring from Courtenay BC wrote:
"I am an english riding instructor thinking of moving to Victoria. I am looking for some help(counselling) with a possible career or school path."

Thursday, April 01 at 02:03 PM:
Joseph Bernard, Ph.D. from Santa Barbara, California wrote:
"Hi, Rey You were helpful when I started my coaching business. I was living in Vancouver at the time. I moved south in search of sunshine and warm walks on the beach. I found that and am now working of building my coaching business. I coach, encourage and inspire people to realize their highest expression. My email address is Thanks Rey, I loved your web site. "

Thursday, March 11 at 10:00 AM:
Ivan Lopez Jimenez. from San luis R.C. Sonora Mexico wrote:
""Sonriele a la vida siempre, ya que solo es una"."

Monday, February 15 at 09:14 AM:
Joseph T. Pascarelli from Portland, Oregon, USA wrote:
"Have been involved in spectrum of mentoring experiences--from research and development to training. Looking forward to connecting with others of you! jtp"

Thursday, February 11 at 01:20 PM:
corri sachkiw from prince george, b.c. wrote:
"Ray, you were once involved as an advisory board member at uvic for the peer counselling centre. I was the coordinator during its first year. I now work as a therapist for mental health and am interested in starting a community based peer counselling program for persons with developmental disabilities. If you have any ideas, resources, or models, please feel free to contact me at"

Thursday, January 28 at 06:03 AM:
Christina McCain from Oswego, NY USA What we call Earth wrote:
"Thank you for being here!"

Saturday, January 23 at 05:59 PM:
Paul von Wittgenstein from Masset, British Columbia ... in Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) wrote:
"I am the Mentor Expert for the Canadian Youth Business Foundation and was recommended to visit your site by Caroline Spence of the CYBF. Nice site ... good info. I'm recommending it to a person looking for information on similar programs for youth. My e-mail is: and website"

Tuesday, November 03 at 02:44 AM:
Glen Wheeler from Vancouver, BC wrote:
"Hmmmmm, from one Grey Owl to another -- Hoot!"

Saturday, September 26 at 10:01 PM:
Michael Mooney from Yuma, Arizona USA wrote:
"Very nice Rey, I agree with your Miles Davis thoughts, "Kind of Blue" is THE BEST Jazz LP ever!"

Wednesday, August 12 at 01:30 PM:
Judy Ryan from Flying Dust First Nation wrote:
"I finally found information on peer helpers."

Monday, July 13 at 01:45 PM:
Patrick McCauley from Totonto, Ontario, Canada wrote:
"Glad to finally be here!"

Monday, June 22 at 10:09 AM:
J. Lewinsky from Washington DC wrote:
"It is too hot here, but your music interests are cool. Want to boogie?"

Wednesday, February 25 at 11:20 AM:
Nancy Osier, Elementary School Counselor from Ellensburg, WA, USA - Located in beautiful Central Washington wrote:
" I am working on my Master's Thesis/Plan to do a study using 2nd graders as peer helpers"

Monday, February 16 at 08:04 PM:
Randy Walsh from Orleans, Ontario, Canada wrote:
"I am wanting to meet with you in Victoria the week of 23 Feb 98 ---"

Sunday, November 30 at 05:08 AM:
suzanne rioux from campbellton, new brunswick wrote:
"Hi Rey, eventhough we have not met, and having trouble faxing information, I have view the pages for mentoring programes and I thing I have found what I am looking for. I am a coordinator for a program that helps young highschool children stay in school. I looking forward to speaking with you again. Suzanne Rioux"

Sunday, November 30 at 05:02 AM:
suzanne rioux from campbellton, new brunswick wrote:

Monday, October 06 at 07:13 AM:
Cheryl Campbell from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia wrote:
"Thank-you for the information via Peer Help and the project I am working on. Congradulations on your web site! I will be in touch. Thanks"

Friday, October 03 at 03:31 PM:
margaretha from vancouver wrote:
"hi Rey, I'm astonished to find you on the net after all these years. I was looking for scholarship information for my daughter, and your resume came up as the second listing. I think its been 20 years since I was in the graduate program at uvic, so its a nice surprise to find you again. I'm at ubc now,in the equity office. Hope all is well with you."

Friday, October 03 at 03:31 PM:
margaretha from vancouver wrote:
"hi Rey, I'm astonished to find you on the net after all these years. I was looking for scholarship information for my daughter, and your resume came up as the second listing. I think its been 20 years since I was in the graduate program at uvic, so its a nice surprise to find you again. I'm at ubc now,in the equity office. Hope all is well with you."

Thursday, September 25 at 07:07 AM:
Tammy Nahwegahbow from Manitoulin Island...Canada? wrote:
"I am a Conference Coordinator for a First Nations Education Institute (Kenjgewin Teg). Peer Tutoring popped up as a possible workshop. Fancy that! email:"

Sunday, September 14 at 04:59 PM:
Bill Clarke from Kanata, Ontario wrote:
"Rey: we met at a conference in Memramcook, N.B., on 'stay-in-school' initiatives...its good to see your page."

Thursday, August 28 at 01:53 PM:
Sylvie Leblanc from Hull, Quebec wrote:
"I`m presently a coordinator for mature & part-time student center at the University of Ottawa. Looking forward to some of the series of courses offered to become a better peer helper. The center's goal is to help mature students to intergrate smoothly into university life after many years in the workforce. Peer help educating will be a valuable tool and resource for the center. My e-mail is : sleblanc at and tel: (613)562-5800 ext: 3756 Thank you! :)"

Wednesday, July 23 at 12:46 PM:
Chris Rynberk from Welland, Ontario wrote:
"Thank You for your helpful assistance when we spoke earlier today. I am amazed and fascinated by this site and the possibilities it offers for educators interested in coaching and mentoring. There is a wealth of information here for my research on mentoring for secondary school students. I eagerly await the mentoring kit."

Wednesday, July 23 at 12:42 PM:
Chris Rynberk from Welland, Ontario wrote:
"I called your earlier concerning mentor programs for secondary schools. Thank you for your assistance. Since we linked via the WWW, I am amazed and fascinated by your site. A wealth of information awaits for my research on student mentoring."

Saturday, July 19 at 01:55 PM:
Ki Moon Seol from Brea, CA, USA wrote:
"Thank you for your approving me as a peer trainer. I am proud of it. I appreaciate it."

Saturday, May 24 at 02:18 PM:
Elaine Carlson from Oakland California United States Earth well you know the rest! wrote:
"I wrote to you before you and you responded. Thanks for your answer to that message. I am fascinated by your page. I would like to ask you for some advise. The first week in July I am going on my vacation to the Los Angeles area. Do you know of any organized bike tours that are offered down there? I wou,ld like to go on an easy tsy to moderate trip."

Sunday, January 19 at 07:45 AM:
Ms. Collette Oliver from Cornwall, Ontario-Canada wrote:
"Great site you have. I have taken your Comprehensive Peer Programs course a couple of years ago at U of T,Scarborough with Diane and found it to be very well instructed and informative. The people I met and worked with were super. Oh by the way Rey I do have an internet connection which is"

Monday, September 30 at 02:05 PM:
Mr. Wade A. Maybie from Montreal, PQ, Still Canada, MARS! wrote:
"Bravo, Rey! However, I just ridiculed Greg about his "faceless" sketch. New pics please :)"

Monday, September 09 at 10:00 PM:
David Embury from Thornlands, Queensland, Australia. a bayside suburb of Brisbane wrote:
" Hi, I'm a counseling student. Today we had a presentation from a Julie Clark from Kids Helpline, your name and work came up in the discussion so I thought I might try and find you on the net, success! "

Monday, September 09 at 09:51 PM:
David Embury from Thornlands, Queensland, Australia. wrote:
"hi, I'm a counseling student. Today we've had a presentation by Julie Clark from 'Kids Helpline', Your name and work came up in the discussion so I thought I might hunt around the net till I found. Bye "

Sunday, August 25 at 03:01 PM:
Joe Monaco from West Point, New York wrote:
"A cool page... check me out at"

Sunday, August 25 at 11:26 AM:
Cathie Walker from Centre for the Easily Amused - wrote:
"You have set up a very useful page - Greg told me about it!"

Sunday, July 28 at 01:39 PM:
Lynda Del Grande from Beaches, Toronto, Canada wrote:
"Thanks Rey for your incredible work in Peer Helping. Love your personal page too!!"

Friday, July 26 at 04:11 PM:
Kathi Williams from Mt. Shasta, CA, USA Just a Visitor Here wrote:
"I'm,run peer advisor programs at local cc:! Good site!"

Friday, June 14 at 11:33 AM:
Janet S. Markoff from Sound Beach, Long Island, New York, USA Would I lie? wrote:
"Thanks for the on-line insights!"

Monday, June 10 at 01:44 PM:
Pete Stieler/Associate Editor from 2775 44th St SW Wyoming, MI, 49509 USA Earth (3rd planet from the sun- Milky Way Galaxy) wrote:
"Yes, we would like to link! We're at"

Monday, May 27 at 03:03 AM:
Ki Moon Seol from Pusan, Korea wrote:
"Nice to meet you in the internet!"

Friday, May 17 at 06:40 AM:
David A. Belleau from Garden River, Ontario, Canada wrote:
" "Just surfin' the net""

Wednesday, May 01 at 06:17 AM:
Melissa Hilborn from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada wrote:
"Hi Rey! I am looking forward to this peer project when it totally up and running."

Sunday, April 21 at 06:33 PM:
Linda Laidlaw from cyberspace (at the moment) wrote:
" Hi Rey! David told me to check it out, so here I am."

Wednesday, April 17 at 06:03 AM:
Robert S. Wright from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada wrote:
" Rey, I linked your page to mine come take a look"

Friday, April 12 at 10:16 AM:
Wilhelm Cornucopia from Thesalanike, Greece wrote:
"Please come and visit us on our island, we will pay your airfare."

Wednesday, March 27 at 12:11 PM:
Wayne J. Townsend from I am from the planet Earth, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada wrote:
"“Yahoo, it is a great day to be alive my son.” "

Wednesday, March 27 at 09:21 AM:
MILA from BC CANADA wrote:

Wednesday, March 13 at 06:06 PM:
Jean Chretien from Ottawa, Canada, viola EARTH! wrote:
"I like the music list, maybe you could work for the CBC"

Monday, March 11 at 07:51 AM:
Bill Clinton from Washington, D.C., The Burger Planet wrote:
"Keep up the good worksl"

Friday, March 08 at 04:55 PM:
Big Country from Vancouver, dunno, think its around here somewhere wrote:
"Just doin what the coach said to do."

Friday, March 08 at 09:33 AM:
Bill Gates from Redmond, Washington. Profitable Earth wrote:
"Are you interested in a friendly take over?"

Friday, March 08 at 09:32 AM:
Dana Scully from Vancouver, Canada, Earth so far wrote:
"We will be taking over your pages soon!"

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